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MJ Recruiters, LLC Celebrating 10 Years of Recruiting Success in 2015

TIFFIN, Ohio—A commitment to quality, a single-minded focus on meeting the needs of clients, and an exemplary track record of success have been hallmarks of MJ Recruiters’ first 10 years in business, and the firm is celebrating all of those hallmarks in 2015—its anniversary year.

On August 1, MJ Recruiters, LLC, which specializes in technical and professional Manufacturing recruitment, will celebrate its 10th anniversary.  MJ Recruiters began in the summer of 1995 as a partnership between Maria Hemminger and Joanna Spaun.  Hemminger and Spaun have over 30 years of recruitment experience combined, and in December of 2014, the firm placed its 400th candidate.

MJ Recruiters’ impressive track record of success also includes the following accomplishments:

  • Over 25% of MJ Recruiters’ candidates interviewed face-to-face are made job offers.
  • Through a successful recruitment process, MJ Recruiters has filled almost 63% of its contingent searches over the past five years.
  • The firm has placed candidates in a number of states, including Ohio, Texas, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Georgia, Illinois, and Kentucky.

MJ Recruiters partners with automotive and non-automotive clients to supply candidates in the fields of Operations/Supervision; Engineering and Quality; Materials and Procurement; and Manufacturing Human Resources, Accounting, and Information Technology (IT).

According to Hemminger, one of the reasons for MJ Recruiters’ success is the partnership that she has with Spaun.  “Joanna and I rely on each other for our different roles, and we have an excellent partnership,” she said.  “I work the client development and client communications part of the business, and she has amazing skills in the management of the candidate process and deciding who to present to our clients.”

In addition, Hemminger pointed to the firm’s recruiting process, which has been honed continuously during the past 10 years.  As a result, 57% of all candidates submitted by MJ Recruiters over the past five years have been invited on-site for an interview, and as mentioned above, the firm has successfully completed 63% of all contingent search assignments it has received during that same time period.

And this year, for every direct-hire placement that MJ Recruiters makes, the firm will make a monetary donation to the Stephanie Spielman Breast Cancer Research Center.

“The last 10 years have gone quickly,” said Hemminger.  “I have been doing exactly what I want to do every day.  I develop potential prospects, market MJR, partner with long-term clients, and most importantly, we have fun.  Working with my partner, Joanna Spaun, makes every day fun.  Starting MJR was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  Joanna and I are blessed to be where we are today.  Our partnership is more than what I expected; we are family.”

In March of this year, the Heidelberg School of Business announced that Hemminger was chosen to receive the Established Entrepreneur Award from the Women’s Entrepreneurial Awards Committee.

Hemminger and Spaun are also consistently top producers in Top Echelon Network, an elite network of highly specialized search firms.  Hemminger has won the following awards in Top Echelon Network:

  • Top-Producing Recruiter, East North Central Region, 2012
  • Third-Highest Producing Split Recruiter, 2012
  • Importer of the Year, 2012
  • Eighth-Highest Producing Split Recruiter, 2013
  • Tenth-Highest Producing Split Recruiter, 2014

Hemminger and Spaun are also active guest speakers for Top Echelon Network events, the Illinois Search & Staffing Association (ISSA), the Ohio Recruiters Association (ORA), Tiffin University, and different area Human Resources groups.

“In the past, you have always taken the time to meet with me face-to-face to discuss who and what we are looking for in potential new hires.  Your line of questioning has always been thorough and articulate.  While working on recruitment projects, I’ve found your candidate process to be detailed and efficient.  The candidates that you presented to us were always well-screened and matched the requirements of the position.  During the process, you and your staff were professional and always responsive to our requests.  You made yourselves available to answer any questions that I had in a timely manner.  These characteristics have set you apart from your competition.

“Congratulations on your 10-year anniversary this year.  I am sure with your business practices and excellent recruitment processes, you will look forward to celebrating many more.”

—Gary Miller, Human Resources Manager