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Partnering with area manufacturers is our specialty and our passion, and MJ Recruiters uses a comprehensive approach that includes on-site analysis, a carefully tracked and finely tuned search process, the desire to fully understand the needs of companies, and metrics at the completion of the placement.

When working with companies to understand their recruitment needs, our goal is to always assess those needs face-to-face. During the order process, we strive to get to know our client’s recruitment process, culture, and work environment. In essence, we want to be an extension of the client in the hiring process.

Who tracks their recruitment metrics? We do! MJ Recruiters tracks metrics for not only each search, but also annually, as well. Metrics tracked for each search include the following:

  • Number of candidates submitted, interviewed, and offered the position
  • How soon MJR submitted the first candidate
  • How quickly MJR filled the position

Over the last five years, our combined recruitment metrics are as follows:

  • 58% of the candidates that MJR submit to our clients get interviewed on-site
  • 25% of the candidates that interview on-site receive job offers
  • 80% of the contingent orders that MJR works on results in an extended offer to the candidate

When we ask our clients why they enjoy partnering with MJ Recruiters, their responses include:

  • Our thorough face-to-face questioning about the position and the process
  • The detailed submittal process that is presented for each pre-screened candidate
  • Our strength of recruiting key regional talent, including a database of over 76,000 candidates, with our capabilities to recruit nationwide
  • Weekly follow-up on the status of the search and the order
  • The fact our premier membership in Top Echelon Network allows MJ Recruiters to partner with other recruiters to meet our clients’ needs more quickly

As one of our clients states:

“MJ Recruiters just doesn’t find people with the right skills, [they] find the people with the right skills that fits your organizational culture. If you need someone who will understand your business and your human capital needs, then I would strongly recommend that you contact Maria’s team. You will find a partner for your team’s success!” —Rich Toeppe, Senior Operations at Continental

At MJ Recruiters, we want to form recruitment partnerships for life and be an extension of our clients in the recruitment process. We accomplish these goals through honest communication, consultative recommendations, timely follow-up, professional presentation of candidates, and only submitting candidates that match your position.

To discuss your current recruitment needs, please contact Maria Hemminger, Partner and Owner of MJ Recruiters, at (419) 443-1840.