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It takes two parties to complete a recruitment process: the company and the candidate. At MJ Recruiters, we do everything we can do to properly prepare candidates and help ensure their success. In exchange, we expect candidates to meet our level of commitment and make an investment of time and energy into the process.

Since starting MJ Recruiters in 2005, we have successfully placed over 650 candidates with our client companies. We believe that communication is key with both sides, especially with the candidate. No matter whether a candidate hears of MJR through a referral, networking, job posting, or our Top Echelon Network membership, our communication throughout the process with the candidate is thorough and precise.

For example, we thoroughly screen candidate to our client’s needs. We educate the candidate about the culture, the goals and objectives of the position, the growth potential, and the management style of the organization. As an extension of our client, it is our responsibility to be able to answer the candidate’s questions about the prospective employer.

When we ask our candidates why they enjoy partnering with MJ Recruiters, their responses include:

  • Our thorough interview preparation for each step of the interview process
  • The weekly communication with the candidate on their status in the recruitment process
  • Our assistance in helping them give notice to their current employer and coaching them through the transition process to their new position
  • Detailed communication and education about the company at which they’ll be interviewing

“Your professionalism, communication, and tenacious desire to find the perfect employer for me was a success! Throughout the recruiting process, your team maintained a high level of focus on providing world-class customer service while delivering exceptional results quickly. Thank you, MJ Recruiters, for such a great experience!” —Shaun, placed candidate

Job opportunities change every day. We may not place you immediately, but it is our commitment to stay in contact with you. Once we do have you in a process, 58% of the candidates submitted to our clients are interviewed on site!

That’s because our goal isn’t just to help you land a new job . . . it’s to help you get to the next step and to build a rewarding and satisfying career!